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AMMONITES: are they fossilized mollusks or Wheels of God?

Ammonites got their name from the ancient Egyptian god of the sun, Amon Ra. Amon means "hidden", "secretive", and Amon Ra was frequently pictured as a man with spiral shaped horns. Amon Ra was honored as the highest and most powerful god in ancient Egypt. So Ammonites were considered as Amon Ras sacred items and the ancient egyptians attributed to the ammonites, which they called "Wheels of God", some magical qualities.

"Amon horn that makes fairy dreams" that was written on old greec coin, which was dated 480 B.C. Ancient greecs thought amammonites to be a good remedy from insomnia, if just put them under the pillow bebefore going asleep. Pearl ammonites, which are the most amazing and rare ones, were thought even to be able to reveal in the dreams everything that was hidden in the daylight.

В местечке Витби, в Йоркшире(Англия), рассказывают легенду о происхождении аммонитов. Оказывается, аммониты были змеями вплоть до VII в.н.э., когда одна саксонская святая по имени Хильда(614-680) не превратила их в камень.


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