about me


Well, it is time to learn something about me. I was born between two signs: C sharp and D flat, which are indeed the same with the exception of some microtonal musical systems, which mean more subtle division of the musical scale. However, I. V. Stalin never knew such things and didn't like classical music very much, although he was born on the same day as me.

The musical development is obviously a very important thing, especially if your name is J.S. Bach or L. van Beethoven. But my name is different and therefore my music also sounds different. It doesn't sound like C-major nor d-minor, but rather like the mixolydian and dorian scales.



Why do I play the double bass? There are some explanations, but not one of them can really explain that. Here is one version: The double bass is Dao, which is unexpressible, although you can practice it.

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