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The Early Music 2003 is music from my true homeland and tales of my folk. I know that when my time is over I must go there. The parallels and reminiscenses are possible: these are musical reconstructions of early medieval myths, the mysterious realms of the Eddas and the land of endless youth Tir-na-Nog, the fairy women-Sids and the inhabitants of the green hills...

Listen and listen again

Here you can listen to some songs from my CD album "EARLY MUSIC 2003". You can chose to listen to fragments of my tracks, or to download full versions in MP3, WMA and RAM audio formats. To listen just click on the buttons. While mouseover you can see the size of the audio file. I'm sorry that not all versions are available yet.

Album tracklist listen download
1. Mollbe
2. Frottola
3. Madrigal
4. Tir-na Nog
5. Na voshod
6. Pine bark
7. Tara
8. 11floor
9. Gig_hig
10. Curraugh
11. Verona
12. Beltane
13. Silver brunch
14. Venaremia
15. Organ book
17. Kingdom C
18. Gloken house

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