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In November, 2003 during the moon eclipse, the most amazing and magical things were going on. And such things do still continue today. But the most amazing thing is that there is no way to explain it by words. Because the words always lead you away from any explanation. They can only bring you to some concepts, philosophies or scriptures. Everything becomes more and more confusing while I try to give some interpretation. At the same time, the music has a more perfect lexis and it is able to express things which words cannot. Because music doesn`t link to some concrete meaning, in the way words do. So music is my only chance to say something.

Listen and listen again

Here you can listen the songs from my CD album "MOON ECLIPSE". You can chose to listen only fragments of my tracks, or download full versions in MP3, WMA and RAM audio formats. To listen just click on some buttons. While mouseover you can see the size of audio file. Im sorry not all versions are available yet.

demo demo full full mp3
1. Zulu
2. Bubinga
3. Seaview
4. Fern
5. Kela
6. Veri dja
7. Y-mahmui
8. Moon eclipse

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